Alice Springs to Uluru

From Alice Springs to Uluru

Having a few days in Alice after the walk and today we did our first real tourist attraction by spending the day at the Desert Park.  Went to the session on ‘Aboriginal Survival in the Desert’, where we learnt a lot about tools and implements and how they were made, plus bush tucker and bush medicine and how to light a fire with kangaroo droppings (dried not fresh). Saw lots of birds and an excellant nocturnal house with birds, insects, snakes and animals.  Also went to a Free flying bird show which featured some well trained raptors including a wedge-tailed eagle.  A torrential downpour and hail storm hit us just at the end of the free flying bird show we were watching.  Didn’t realize we were in the middle of the worst June storm in Alice in 20 years- 163mm of rain fell in 24 hours and the average rainfall for the month of June is 13mm.  Driving back to the van park we saw a town covered with white hail stones, flooded main streets and most of the shops were shut due to storm damage.  Many roads were closed and the Todd River was flowing -unusual as it is generally dry.  The Desert Park is rated as the ‘must see’ attraction in Alice and we were impressed with the calibre of the displays and presentations and the overall layout of the park; very compatible with its stunning natural surroundings.

We departed Alice after a quick stop at the hospital to check my knee; decided to leave stitches in longer and I should try to keep my leg up (easier said than done!). Had a pleasant sunny drive heading for Uluru and ended up all alone in a deserted bush camp with a stunning view of Mt Connor, about 100k’s from Uluru.

Much against my ‘better judgement’ I agreed with Dick’s strong suggestion that we stay in our bush camp for one day and I sat with my leg up all day (being waited on), and never left the van.  Ankle is almost back to normal size, but not my idea of a fun day, especially with no internet or phone.

Back on the road today and set up in the Yulara Resort campground near Uluru for 4 nights.  Had a sunset viewing of Uluru/Ayers Rock, saw some aboriginal bush dancing and had our first dinner out since we left home.

The joys of public showers and injured legs
A sunny day in the Desert Park


Dingo (native wild dog) at the Desert Park


Wedge-tailed eagle performing as the storm approaches


Hail ended the show in the amphitheatre


Dick got soaked in the storm (hail like snow on the ground)


Flooded Alice and a running Todd River


The private bush camp and view of Mt Conner


The moon coming up as last sun rays linger over our camp


Sunset view of Uluru


Putitja Dancers doing a traditional bush dance


3 thoughts on “Alice Springs to Uluru

  1. It looks amazing, except your injured knee, yikes! It sounds like it got a bit infected; I hope it clears up soon. That looks like a great campsite. I would imagine that being so far out in wilderness, the stars are awesome at night.

  2. Hope your leg heals completely and you look after yourselves. Brett and I loved Uluru when we were there for my 50th Birthday ….almost 10 years ago.

  3. Wow! With all that rain, did you see waterfalls coming off Uluru? I hope so – I’ve never seen it in the rain but I think it would be a wonderful sight.
    Your photo of the camper with Mt Connor in the background is great – fantastic light – and would make a great ad for your camper.
    It sounds like you are having a ball and Pat I can just see you with your feet up while Dick is driving – just like kids you often see with their thonged feet sticking out the window! Hah – not!
    Have fun.

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