Launch of our Australian Adventure-including trip map

Dear Friends and family,

We have just started our five month trip around a large part of Australia in the Lestervan.  We’ve spent the last 18 months preparing for this trip, which has included selecting, buying and fitting out the Lestervan.  The first three days have been pretty solid driving days (1500 k’s) so not much to report.  We’ve had nice sunny weather most of the time and secluded camping in the bush.  On night 3 we are just south of Port Augusta.  To set the scene we have included a photo of our intended route, some pics of inside the van and some pictures taken in the first few days.


Pat and Dick

Here’s where we’re planning to go….


At home, just before getting away.


Our dining room, and a view to the bathroom.


The kitchen; stovetop, oven, sink and fridge.
Ready for bed; ‘grey nomads’ retire early (8pm?).
Bush camp on the Murray River, night 2
Driving to our bush camp in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia (nr Pt Augusta) 3rd night.


Walking in Mt Kaputar NP

Our last day of walking on this trip.  We climbed Mt Kaputar in the morning.  Its the highest mountain in this region (1510 m above sea level), but was only a 1.7k climb from our camp.

Dick at Mt Kaputar









After having lunch in the van we tackled the other walks in the area- largely doing the Bundabulla Circuit and visiting a number of fabulous  lookouts (Mt Dowe, Horsearm Ck, Eckford, Bundabulla and Mt Lindsay).  We walked 6.4k’s over 2.75 hours and it was a really pleasant walk.










great vantage point









big views