Week one of Australian Adventure-Southern Flinders to Lake Eyre

On the road again…..

Day 4 – REST DAY – Good to have a catchup/rest day (code for laundry etc). Also managed a nice valley walk in the southern Flinders where we are camped (Spear Creek) and climbed a steep, high hill to enjoy the end of day view over to Spencer Gulf.  Camp is on a sheep station so we bought fresh lamb chops and leg roast.  Great bush camp, secluded with our own flush toilet, running spring water and lovely views.

Day 5 – Driving and shopping day (Port Augusta). Overnight at Roxby Downs.

Day 6 – Our first taste of driving in the outback, Borefield Rd to Oodnadatta Track, and the first sighting of Lake Eyre South.  Tried to walk to the water but it got too muddy after almost 1k.  Camping at Coward Springs and Dick took a dip in the warm springs.

Day 7 and the end of our first week on the road.  We have driven over 2000 k’s and today flew over Lake Eyre in a 4-seater Cessna.  Lake Eyre is the world’s largest salt lake, approximately the size of Wales or Israel.  The rivers that feed the lake cover an area of 1.2 million square kilometers, and no rivers or streams flow out of the lake.  As this is Australia’s great artesian basin it contains a string of mound springs and we visitd a few today, as well as the ruins of Strangways where the Overland Telegraph went thru from 1872-1896.  Staying at William Creek (population 12 except when there is water in Lake Eyre), and may be here for a while as all the roads out are closed due to rain, except for the one we drove in on.

Pat & Dick, the new grey nomads!

Spear Creek bush camp
Top of the hill, van at the bottom and view to Spencer Gulf
Dick in the valley/ southern Flinders ranges
Magical light at days end and 400 year old gums in our bush camp


The beginning of our travels on outback roads
Lake Eyre, largest inland lake and lowest point in Aus
Lake Eyre South – a long walk thru mud flats
Dick in ‘warm spring’ at Coward Springs 
Mound Springs-Blanche Cup
Strangways ruins
Lake Eyre from the air
Salt flats on the edge of Lake Eyre


End of day drink in the William Creek pub, the only place in town.
Waiting for the sign to change from red to green.


12 thoughts on “Week one of Australian Adventure-Southern Flinders to Lake Eyre

  1. Great photos. We are at Karratha Big 4, for 5 days doing the touristy stuff then Millstream NP then Karajini NP.

  2. Great photos. Very impressed with your first week. Look forward to progress. We are currently at Cleaverville Beach camp, just north of Karratha. You will love it.

  3. Hi Pat & Dick,
    You’re following along exactly where we were 10 days ago! So sorry to have missed crossing paths with you. We also enjoyed Coward Springs campground & warm (not hot) springs and the woodfire “hot” shower boiler. I think you saw more water on your flight over Lake Eyre than we did on our flight. We were lucky to get out of our camp in Barmah State Forest on the Riverina on our way home before the rains closed all the roads. Good luck getting out of William Creek!

  4. What a fantastic adventure you are having Pat & Dick! You are seeing parts of Australia that the rest of us are only dreaming about! I love the updates and the photos!! Keep it up and enjoy yourselves.

    Cynthia x

  5. Hah! I love the ‘feature washing’ on the line.

    I’ve been right where you are – the mound springs, Lake Eyre South, William Creek and the fabulous Coward Springs but it was 45 degrees all the way (school holidays – what can you do?). So I can just imagine how much fun you are having. I dare say you are having more fun than you would be at home right now. We are in the middle of a dreaded east coast low.

    I really envy you flying over Lake Eyre – it must have been wonderful.

    Keep ’em coming.


  6. Pat and Dick
    Good to hear and see all and that you flew over Lake Eyre and got to the pub at William Creek – two of my favourite memories from our flyaway
    Keep up the great posts
    Fiona and Gerry

  7. Thanks for update. It brings back memories, especially Dick in hot springs!!
    Flying over Lake Eyre sounds amazing.

  8. Looks amazing Pat. Loving hearing of your adventures .. and the pics. Looking forward to your updates.
    Lots of love, Virginia & Frank

  9. Great to see what you are seeing, or at least parts of it. The magical light-drenched tree is especially amaziing, & the signs convey what you are dealing with. Pat V. appreciates your updates too, even tho she doesn’t comment (she told me to let you know!). Many thanks, Jackie & Pat

    1. Fabulous pics, especially the old tree. Keep on with wonderful experiences. Quite envious really but your emails are next best.


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