More on the trial trip-Grand High Tops Walk

12 May, 2016

Got going ok and started walking at 10:15am.  We did the famous walk here, Grand High Tops and the Breadknife.  12.5 k’s and it took 5.5 hours.  Some very spectacular views along the way.  Its an ancient volcano.

Dick dropped his fleece along the way, and it was picked up by other walkers who turned out to be our neighbors in the campground.  They noticed we didn’t have a fire so invited us over to share theirs.  We learned some useful things about places to visit and tips for travelling in an RV, all part of this new experience.

image image image image  image

Just received some photos of us by email that were taken by some Dutch walkers, Gerrit and Bertha Krajenbrink, on the Grand High Tops walk.  23/6/16

Grand High Tops 1


Grand High Tops 2
Grand High Tops 3
Grand High Tops 4


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