Friends, family, festivals, farms, food, fun…

Friends, family, festivals, farms, food, fun….

We’ve had a great time in Scotland and England enjoying being with friends and family at the Edinburgh festival, on the farm in Somerset (England), a 2 year old’s birthday party in Aylesford and two full days in London.
Our time with John, Chesca and Tom at the Edinburgh Festivals was an amazing experience, especially as it was so well organized by John, who gave us a taste of a wide variety of shows from Tom’s improvisation shows to stand up comedy to concerts to book festival talks, with the complicated logistics all worked out. Doing 7 shows in one day was quite a feat for us, as we are out of practice at being out in the streets at midnight.  We would highly recommend the Edinburgh Festivals as a unique cultural experience catering for all tastes in a lovely city, and we were very lucky to be there with good friends who knew ‘the ropes’.
With sunny, warm summer weather our time on Pam and Guy’s farm in Somerset, England involved nice drives, good visits with family, pub lunches, an oceanside cliff top walk and for Dick a ‘men’s only’ pub crawl through the countryside, a tour of the farm and a ride in the combine (a large farm machine).  We also enjoyed celebrating Eve’s second birthday at Russell & Mandy’s before heading up to London for two very full days with Cathy which included a trip down the Thames to Greenwich, a visit to the British Museum and seeing a show at the Old Vic, “Girl from the North Country”, featuring Bob Dylan’s music.

Next stop Ireland……

Edinburgh Festival with John & Chesca


On the streets of Edinburgh


Relaxing in their sunny backyard with Pam & Guy


Visiting Stourhead Gardens


Walking on the cliffs with cousin Celia & Bob, and Pam & Guy


Overlooking Kimmeridge Bay


Nephew Tom, Sam & Oliver


Nephew Russell, Mandy & Eve
At the Greenwich Observatory with Cathy


4 thoughts on “Friends, family, festivals, farms, food, fun…

  1. What a wonderful life you two are having – how lovely to be able to keep up with the family in England Pat.

    What a year this has been – and more adventures yet to be had. Keep on having fun.

    Love Jeanette xxx

  2. Greenwich and Edinburgh in the one holiday – fantastic!!! How great to be in Edinburgh for the festival.
    It sounds like a wonderful time.

  3. Looks wonderful!!! A wonderful range of activities and weather seems fine !
    Keep enjoying our trip!
    Cynthia x

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