The 2017 Adventure-from Sydney to Fraser Island

This year’s adventure started off very socially.  In fact, the first week was all about visiting friends as we jouneyed up to Queensland. On night one we enjoyed a good catchup over dinner with Anne and Mick in Port Macquarie.  The next day was lunch with Sue Jamieson near Coffs Harbor and an overnight stop at Black Rocks campground on the northern NSW coast.  Being creatures of habit we stayed in exactly the same campsite we had a year ago when we drove the van home from Brisbane.  We spent a night in Pamela and Rod’s driveway in Noosa before enjoying a lovely lunch with them in one of Noosa’s top restaurants. That night we slept in Alan’s driveway in Mooloolaba and enjoyed dinner out with Alan and Barbara.  We journeyed back to Brisbane to get the van serviced and managed a catchup dinner with Fiona in Brisbane.  Then we got to Noosa Shores campground north of Noosa and spent two nights in the campground we had also visited in 2016 when we first got the van.  By this time we needed a break and a catchup on unfinished jobs from Sydney; and we were so engrossed that we forgot it was our anniversary until FB and Amy and later Esther congratulated us on our five year anniversary.

Our first beach driving was a trip up the Cooloola coast, a 60 k stretch of beach from Noosa to Rainbow Beach.  I was a bit apprehensive about the sand driving but Dick assures me he knows what he’s doing, so we’ll see.  We camped right on the beach, explored Red Canyon and then had a restful afternoon in the van as it was raining.  I finished a book that I’d picked up the day before.  We woke to sunshine but it was short lived and we had a squally, rainy day as we drove up the beach and then did 15 k’s on a single lane 4WD track through the rainforest.   I started driving up the beach and my best decision of the day was to swap drivers before we left the beach. We couldn’t do any of this without a 4WD vehicle.  We got supplies in Rainbow Beach and took the barge/ferry over to Fraser Island for the next leg of our jouney.


On the road again—–30 April 2017


The proposed route for 2017- heading up the coast north from Sydney



Dinner with Anne and Mick in Port Macquarie


Camping at Black Rocks, the first of many beach camps
Lunch in Noosa with Pamela & Rod


Camping in Alan’s driveway (AGAIN!)


Celebrating our 5th Anniversay with a beach walk at Noosa North Shore campground
Some sand driving coming up


Exploring Red Canyon at Cooloola, Great Sandy NP
Real beach camping, Teewah Beach, Great Sandy NP


The view from our window in the van-looks like a picture


Driving up the beach
Driving thru the rainforest on a one lane 4WD track
On the barge to Fraser Island- we were first on.


The queue waiting for the barge as we approach Fraser Island


2 thoughts on “The 2017 Adventure-from Sydney to Fraser Island

  1. Wacko Pat and Dick – the planned trip looks fantastic. My cousins are heading up to the Cape soon – their names are Bill and Barbara McKell. Please keep an eye out for them – they have a new caravan and a new, blue Ford Ranger and their call sign is B&B On the Move!
    I’ve camped at Black Rocks – out from Woodburn! How lovely is it there? I love the tannin stained creek and the way the camping spots are divided by the hedges.
    Fraser Island will be awesome – I look forward to seeing photos of Dick floating down Eli Creek. C’mon Dick – it’s compulsory.
    Have a wonderful time and I’ll have to keep checking my spam because I didn’t receive the first notification of your new blog entry.
    I hope Lester the Leopard is enjoying himself too by the way.

  2. What a nice start to your trip. The beach driving looks cool. Looking forward to future posts. Have fun. – Steve

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