WA WILDFLOWERS 2 – the south east of WA

As our interest and powers of observation increased we even began identifying the wonderful flowers. Here’s a different bunch seen (along the roadsides and in national parks) from Wave Rock to the SA border.  Enjoy!


Purple Enamel Orchid
Barrens Regelia


Lemon scented sun orchid
Painted Lady
Qualup Bell
Red-flowered Moort

Pimelea ferruginea






The Royal Hakea (not exactly a flower but a colorful addition to the landscape)


3 thoughts on “WA WILDFLOWERS 2 – the south east of WA

  1. What a spectacular array of wildflowers. It must have been wonderful to see all of these in bloom.
    Enjoying your journey!
    Best wishes from Robyn and Cecilia

  2. Thanks for the beautiful photos Pat & Dick, glad that you are having such a wonderful time.

    Love Pat, Steve & girls

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