Visiting the Pillaga

14 May 2016

We drove to the Pillaga Forest intending to see the Sculptures and then going on.  It was 30 k’s on dirt road so I got to practice driving in 4WD.  We arrived at 1pm and it was a lovely sunny day so we decided to camp here so we could have a leisurely lunch and do the sculptures a little later in the day.  We saw five very impressive sculptures on cliffs overlooking the Dendry Gorge.  It was all nicely done.  The campground was almost deserted and a lovely bush setting.  Our only problem was that we had run out of water as we weren’t planning to stay there and hadn’t filled up on the way in.  So we used our 20 litre reserve supply for drinking and carried rain water from the tanks in the campground.

Sculpture in the Scrub Entrance




sculpture 1





sculpture 2



sculpture 3


sculpture 4
sculpture 5

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